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'Selling' can be an ugly word but making $11K / month is beautiful!

Steve Turton

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make a great income.

”Unless you were born an affiliate marketer you will need to learn the ropes and there can be quite a few ropes!  Getting a good start by organizing your own branding platform from which to launch your online business is vital.  I can help you with that."      Review it here.

Not all affiliate companies are the same!

“I have tried a few and wasted precious time and money.  I am very pleased to say I have now settled into a company that I can recommend to you.  More than that, here are real testimonials from real folks like you and me."                       Review them Here.

Jean Illingworth

Need One-On-One Help with Setting Up your Brand?

“I was struggling to develop my ‘branding’, bewildered about how to manage my webpage, blog and develop capture pages and email responders and was feeling very despondent about being such a technologically challenged baby boomer! I contacted Steve to ask for help and the gods were shining on me that day! Steve has been wonderful. His calm, no nonsense approach to patiently teaching and guiding me through the technological maze has been second to none. He is honest and straight forward and lightens each intense session with a real Aussie sense of humour. Not only does Steve know his stuff backwards, but his generosity in giving his time is second to none. I feel very fortunate to have come across this master." 

Reri & Puriri

Starting an Online business?  You may need help!

Reri and Puriri Collier bit the bullet and signed up to an online business which I am a consultant.  They invested their money wisely but they knew they would need help.  That's where I came in and provided tech help to get them started which is on-going.  Reri was pleased to provide a testimonial although she had to endure standing in front of a camera, thank you Reri.

About the Author

Steve & Jen at Patong Beach

My name is Steve Turton and I am retired from the day to day grind.  My wife Jen is still in the corporate arena but not for too much longer we're happy to say.  I decided to pursue the dot com lifestyle when my aviation career came to an end in 2012 and it's been an exciting ride.    You can view a more complete Bio here:    My Introduction.