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Blog Logic

Blog Logic

Do you publish a blog?  Do  you have a steady stream of followers?

​People write blogs for a variety of reasons.  In this post I am concerned with blogs that are written for business, in particular from a "work from home online" stand-point.

​Here's a comparison.  Many people write blogs with the aim of attracting followers that hopefully will convert into prospects, leads and buyers.  This is really no different from those folks trying their hardest to generate leads through social media or other forms of advertising whether by way of online or offline advertising.

Bottom line, blogging is one more way to build a list.

​If you are one of these people looking to build a huge list of prospects through a blog there are a few things I believe you need to know.  First, I must tell you this.  I have been blogging for about 9 months or so and at this point I have the worlds smallest list.

So, I speak with some authority when I tell you I know exactly how you feel if you can't seem to get a following.  What I wont do is sit back and cry in my soup over it.

Just to clarify the problem requiring a solution.  We bloggers publish blog posts and we believe that the content is great and useful.  How do we get eyes on to our posts?  Actually, that's not quite correct.  My Stat Counter and Google Analytics tell ​me I receive a lot of readers globally and my bounce rate is quite low.

So the real problem is, at least for me, is nobody follows my blog or nobody opts-in to my list.

Two things about this.  First, although I am receiving readers I'm sure I need to increase my audience 100 times.  Second thing is, how do I do the first thing??

I know there are tricks in the way a post is written to have Google rate the site but that's not the be all and end all.  I guess I could sign up to all the social media sites and advertise my blog but that sounds dumb.  I would be exhausted by the end of each day.

My posts are mostly about my internet marketing and affiliate marketing experiences which I like to think I know a bit about.  Maybe that market is too saturated and I don't stand a chance to have my voice heard.  This could be the same for you.

I don't charge any money for my information via my blog posts, such as a membership cost.  Perhaps I should.  Perhaps this would indicate there is great value to be found within my posts.  Hmmm  food for thought but I will let that idea pass for now.

Another thing.  A quick browse through the internet and other blogs, I see many people have huge readership.  I skim over their posts and there not all that different to mine.  What goes on here I wonder!  Maybe I should follow a bunch of them, send them an email and ask them what their secret to their huge blog readership is?​

Blog Logic, is there such a thing?  Is it luck of the draw?  If you are reading this post thinking I have the secrets to a huge blog following, I do not.  Sorry about that!  However, I will find out and then I will post about it here.  Golly gosh, I might even make a video about it!

A final comment, if you are looking for a business opportunity, you need to get yourself onto my "MOBE for Starters" readership list.  I am a breathing, walking, talking active reviewer of MOBE ​ and will be periodically emailing my readership with details of my experiences.  The form is to the top right of this page.

Blog Logic

As per usual, please feel free to comment, I respond to everyone if required.  Psst...take a sneak peak at my MOBE capture page HERE.

List Building

List Building

List Building is one of those subjects that fits closely alongside 'driving traffic'.

It seems that most people who work online are trying to achieve the same goals, and that's to make money.

​Of course the internet is a great place to do that because of its global reach.  Problem is, the majority of people all want to build their own list and don't necessarily want to be on some other persons list.

​There are numerous ways to build a list.  Social media and buying lists are the most common. There are big problems with buying a list or leads because the people on these lists are not responsive to you.  Whereas leads from social media sites are more likely to know you and appreciate what you have to offer.

I should go back a step.  Before anyone gives you their name and email address (not to mention a phone number) you need to show yourself as being trustworthy.  Because I am talking about a marketing list, you also need to show you have quality content to offer.

Building a "responsive" (email) list ​takes skill, time and dollars.  How to do this is the subject of another post.  Point is, any list you build should contain people who:

  • Know you, or
  • Know your products, or
  • Relate to you.

After a time, these people will get to know you and trust you enough to buy from you provided you provide quality.

There's one other thing I want to briefly mention.  Phone calls!  It wasn't that long ago an internet marketer would ask for a prospect's number as part of an opt-in or capture page. Then that marketer would call the prospect and try to sell his/her stuff to that prospect.

This idea scared the crap out of many people and often caused folks to ​abandon the idea of selling stuff online or maybe they tried to call their prospects which didn't work too well.

​Slowly but surely requesting prospects phone numbers is disappearing from opt-in forms and capture pages.  Here's the thing!  I believe there is a time and place to ask for a phone number and placing a call to a prospect.

Furthermore, as the recipient of a phone call from a marketer, you should be grateful this person has called you.  Remember, you gave your details in the first place and therefore you should expect a call.  In fact if you don't receive a call you should be angry.

This call is at the other persons expense and is an opportunity for you to personally ask a bunch of questions about the offer you responded to.  No-one can force you to buy anything over the phone.  Also, if you didn't like the offer or the person selling the offer in the first place, you wouldn't leave your details in an opt-in form, right?

​Lastly for this post and in my opinion, speaking with people should be encouraged.  Way too much detail is lost in the translation of the typed word.  To that end, if you want to speak with this Aussie I would love to speak with you.  Try me on Skype at:  steveturton56

Hot off the press... My MOBE capture page​ just for you.  Click HERE

In the meantime, go ahead and comment then give me a call....  :-)​  

Holidays are Great

Holidays are Great

My wife and I just returned from a resort holiday in far North Queensland.  It was only for a week but it was sure fantastic.  I deliberately left the laptop home although I did check emails using my ipad.

The weather was perfect and the water was about 27 degrees celsius.  The pic below was taken on 4 Mile Beach and I also took a bunch of GoPro footage of Jen snorkeling and playing with the turtles in the waters off 'Low Isles'.

Holidays are Great

Now it's back to the grind.  I have been internet marketing for about 16 months and I can't boast any great success except I will say I have learned a great deal.  I have completed a few courses, 'Copy-writing' was my favorite.​  I am an affiliate for a top tier company and as I type this post I am researching an opportunity called MOBE.  This stands for "My Online Business Education".

I started to build a list of people who want to know about MOBE and if it's a genuine opportunity.  I will send an email to my list from time to time with findings from my experiences.  By the way, I don't really like calling it a list, it's so impersonal.  It's more of a community of people who want to know what MOBE is about.  You can join my list (community)  using the form to the top right.

This is a new blog for me.  I decided to start using my own name, doing something different for a change.  My existing blog is: which I will maintain but to a lesser degree as 2014 begins to wind up.

Back to MOBE for a moment, I will be getting involved with MOBE in a huge way commencing early November.  From research already done, it looks like a brilliant opportunity.  Make sure you're in my email community to read all about it.

As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment or connect with me through Skype, my Skype user is:  steveturton56  

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog

This site has been twelve months in the making, not that I am slow!

​This blog will change rapidly because I am very active in the internet marketing industry and more-so as an affiliate marketer.

I have a ton of value to share and I will be rolling it out over the next few weeks.  In the meantime please visit my current blog which also is very active.  Here's the link:  iNet Mastery Blog

As always, show your community spirit and leave a comment or ask a question.  I always reply.

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