Jayco Journey Outback 2018

Starting from the Top.

In our previous life, my wife and I lived and worked in South Australia.  Now we are both retired and have moved lock, stock and barrel to Far North Queensland, we did this in January 2018.  We had been visiting Port Douglas for 10 years or so from Adelaide and we really loved the town and the weather.  It tends to get a bit cold and windy in SA.

So now it's September 2018 and the most amazing thing has happened.  My wife, Jen, who has said she would never go camping or caravaning has agreed to buy a van.  It's a miracle!   Not only that, we are buying a new Isuzu MUX to tow the van with, what a great year this has turned out to be (thus far!).

Our new MUX arrives next week, last week in September and the van should be available early December 2018.  It's a Jayco 18.55 with some options.  I will be providing details about the MUX and the van on this site and also on YouTube.  I will be rigging the van for off road travel and off grid living and will reveal all that I do hopefully to help out others who wish to follow in our footsteps.

That's it for now.  I will spruce up this site over time and hopefully you will subscribe if this site interests you so you can keep up to speed with what where doing.

Cheers for now...

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