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Gold Mine but Only if You’re Looking.

Gold Mine but Only if You're Looking.

Many folks don't care about building an online business. I have a Gold Mine but Only if You're Looking and only if you are willing to work with me to achieve!

Gold Mine

Just so you know, I am in business to make the big dollars.  You should also know that it's not as easy as it may sound.  There's no tricks or magic, there's only learning current online business methods.  Not just learning but implementing what you learn and fast.

I will make a long story short.  I constantly seek individuals or couples who want much more from life and are prepared to look seriously at online marketing.  There is a big learning curve and I am just one of the 'spokes' in the wheel who will help you.  So, what is you very first move?

​Well, there are two things I want you to do:

  1.  First I want you to complete a form, the information you submit is maintained confidential and helps me learn about you.  This form can be found right here:
  2. Secondly, send me a quick email advising me you submitted this form.  Also advise whether or not you will need assistance setting up Skype on your computer.  Then that's it!

I will make contact with you and get the ball rolling.  I know you will have questions just like I did and that's great.  I will finish this post by anticipating one question you may have.  You don't have any tech skills, is this going to be a problem?  Short answer is NO. Over time your skills will develop but it wont stop you from making a start.

As you will see in the form, I invite you to join my Face Book community.  Here is the link to that group, feel free to join and I will approve you as soon as possible.

Internet Marketers Ask Me Anything!

Internet Marketers Ask Me Anything!

Ask Me Anything About Affiliate Marketing and I will answer your question with a video. I will also mention you too and select good questions to feature on both of my web sites.

Psst, check out my personalized Branding offer for you.  I specialize in Branding Platforms and every marketer should have a professional platform from which to launch their online services.

Best VLOG Practice.

Best VLOG Practice.

In my experience, Best VLOG Practice is where about 500 words using H1, H2 and H3 accompany your video. This video, "Best VLOG Practice" explains.

If you don't know, VLOG is blogging with Video!

Is This Post for You?

If you have a blog you publish content to and sometimes include a video, this post is for you. Perhaps you have a blog and most of your posts are video, well, this is for you also.  You see, I made an accidental discovery with my blog and my views have doubled and in many cases they have tripled.

In the beginning I just typed blog posts, I didn't do video because I was crazy scared of the camera and looking like a dork.  These days I still look like a dork but I'm not scared, in fact I love making videos.  I worked through my fear.  Anywho, when I posted videos I wrote a HI heading and then inserted my video.  I never had to many views until one day I noticed a difference, a change.

Using this blog post for example, I still have a HI heading and a H2 sub heading, then insert my video and then I write a text component which you are reading here.  My views ​increased dramatically and I put it down to using video and text.  It works every time.

My Resources.

FYI, I shoot my "Thought for Today" videos with my iPhone 6, I edit them with Camtasia and upload them to my You Tube channel.  I use Thrive Themes for GoTo everything Word Press plugin editor to write my blog posts.  I am an affiliate for Camtasia and Thrive Themes and I thoroughly recommend them to you.  To make life a tad easier, below is a hyperlink to my Resources Page where you can check out these and other resources.

For reading this and if you start using Thrive Themes through my affiliate link, I will provide to you for FREE 2 hours of personalized tuition.  As with most new things there is a learning curve and my free tuition will benefit you enormously in getting to know Thrive Themes.  You will also need to use Skype because all my instruction happens on Skype using screen share.   Don't have Skype?  Need a question answered?  Flick me an email to:

<< Click for my Resources Page >>

Until next time my friend, go ahead and sign up for my updates and stay in the loop for marketing hints and tips.​ (See top right of this page)

Why Have Upgrades or Upsells in Affiliate Marketing?

Laptop Lifestyle

Why Have Upgrades or Upsells in Affiliate Marketing?

Why Have Upgrades or Upsells in Affiliate Marketing? So many people are annoyed by upsells just as I used to be. There's a good reason for it!

I will use my affiliate company in this example of an upsell or upgrade.  By the way, we like to call it "positioning" in the company as an affiliate partner.  When you fist sign up with Mobe you undertake to do 21 Steps of training, this is called My Top Tier Business (MTTB).  This entry level training will cost you $49 and it's the same for everyone.

This is like an induction into Mobe, an intro to your back office, positioning details and marketing basics.  You are assisted ​by a 6 figure company coach throughout the 21 step process.  No cost, it's part of the $49 fee.  At the end of your training you are set to start marketing.  Listed below is what you get at this MTTB level:

  • ​Back office functionality, reporting, affiliate tools, and hosting, including custom banner ads on select products.
  • You can sell MTTB and receive a $24.50 commission as well as sell a host of other products for a commission.  For a detailed list please request by email.

Now, to make even bigger commissions you will need to upgrade to the first of the Business Programs.  This is called, "MOBE Licence Rights (MLR) and will cost $2,497 USD.  For this you receive same as MTTB with additional items shown below:

  1. ​The licence to sell MLR and receive $1,250 commission per sale.
  2. There are also additional products added to your back office for your use and resale.  You receive commissions for the sale of these products.  For a detailed list of these products please email me.

There are 3 more Business Program upgrades, they are:

  1. Titanium upgrade at $9.997
  2. Platinum upgrade at $16,665  This is the most popular.
  3. Diamond upgrade at $30,000​

Quick example of commissions.  If you sold a Titanium upgrade you receive a $3,300 commission and for a Platinum sale you receive a $5,500 commission and if you sold a Diamond upgrade you will receive a $10,000 commission.  Please note, in order to make these commissions you will need to be at that particular level yourself.  Also note that with each of these upgrades you receive a much greater level of personal company products for your own use and resale for commissions.  For details, please email me.

​Here's the thing!

This is High Ticket Direct Response Marketing.  I guess you could say it's the Big League!  However, thousands of people around the world want to earn this high level of commissions and this company MOBE provides a business vehicle for you to do it.  Think about this, if you like the idea of making a $1,250 commission for 1 MLR sale, you will have to invest $2,497 to upgrade.  This is a one-off payment and you can make as many sales as you wish.

I trust the above examples shed a bit of light on upgrades and why they are essential to making big money.  Another way of looking at it is, nobody or no company is going to pay you big commissions for nothing.  There is a business price to invest after which you can make as much money as your marketing and advertising will allow.  There's much more to this company but I only wanted to explain Upgrades.

I do suggest at the very least you look into the MTTB program and check it out for yourself. Below is a button link to an order page for you.  ​When you sign up and pay your $49, I will know. Just for doing that I will have a bonus for you, actually 2 valuable bonuses.  This is awesome and very much worth your time investigating if you want a dream lifestyle.

Sign Up

Blame Game!

Blame Game!

If you are new to online marketing you might be wondering what I am on about.  As sure as the sun rises every day, many people who try to earn money using the internet look to lay blame when the can't find success.  I suppose that's natures way but it's a waste of time and energy!

Do you need help with you online business, particularly with establishing your brand?  Reach out, I can help you.  My email is:​

Be Responsible for your Success and Failures.

Be Responsible for your Success and Failures.

Leave a comment or question or just maybe send me an email and let's strike up a business relationship:

Engagement is a Must for Internet Marketers.

Engagement is a Must for Internet Marketers.

Some younger people think us oldies don't know anything about technology, well that may be true in some cases.  I know of some young people who are clueless when it comes to tech stuff and so I guess it boils down to what you have done in your past and what experiences you have gathered.

I love to help folks get started, particularly with their branding and setting up their own platform to work from and launch business efforts from.  Reach out if you need help, no matter where in the world you may live.  You will need to use Skype because that's the best medium for coaching and instruction.  Connect here:​

Making Great Money Online.

Sales Funnels

Making Great Money Online.

Making Great Money Online is a dream or is it? You will know making an awesome income online is possible unless you live under a rock!

Having said that and if you are one of the many who wants to make great money using the internet, read on!

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Power to the People

Power to the People.

Power to the People.

Power or electricity is taken for granted until it is no longer available.  What has this to do with affiliate marketing?

​Zip, zero, zilch, nada, nuthin!  

I took an easy day today.  Walked the dog twice, had 3 cappuccinos, installed a black backdrop curtain for video shooting and made a quick selfie vid.  So rather than post a marketing video I decided to write a quick post and include that video I made today.

This doesn't mean I have ceased marketing or coaching totally.  So, same as always, please comment or ask any marketing related question and I will get back to you.  Perhaps share this post or sign up to my Marketing Insights.

One last thing.  When the day comes and you have your own blog and can't get people to read or take an interest in what you post..... Reach out and I will tell you a few personal secrets how I get hundreds of view each day.  Until next time, ciao.​

Why are People so Afraid?

Don't Be Afriad

Why are People so Afraid?

Why are People so Afraid to communicate. I can help many people who have the mindset to achieve greatness and wealth, all I ask is they reach out.

This is possibly my shortest post ever!  I know from experience that there are hundreds of people struggling to make good money online, yet they choose to attempt it alone.

Look, at the end of the day you can keep trying to be successful on your own or you can take the easier road and ask for help.  When you've seen as much crap as I have on the internet it's a no brainer that you should seek help.  It's all about choices and decisions.

If you are seeking an online opportunity that you can work and build to provide wealth for you and your family, I can help.  It will cost you a whopping $49 to make a start and I will personally coach you for free.  It's the only time my coaching comes at no cost!

It's all about systems and using a system that is proven and works.  Forget trying to re-invent the wheel, that ship has sailed years ago.  If you want to earn a good income from an online business venture, get educated in the process, rub shoulders with the 8 figure gurus and sip cocktails at sunset from your favorite resort, you need to communicate with me.​

I will make it easy for you right here and right now.  This link Top Tier Income will take you to my application page.  Sign up for for my personal coaching for $49 and make a start right now. There are 7 steps of training that will set you up for success.  At the same time send me an email to  and tell me you have taken the step.  I will be there to greet you and get you started.  We will chat and get you underway, BUT you must take that first step.​

Bottom line is, don't be an island.  Screw failure and rejoice with success, it's your time.

Top Tier Income​

btw, leave a comment or ask a question, always happy to help like minded people...

For My Overseas Friends

For my overseas friends I thought you might appreciate this video I shot yesterday.

I am sometimes surprised to hear some folks believe kangaroos bounce around freely wherever you go in Australia.

 That’s not quite how it is although we did have one hop past yesterday and that’s the video below.

Skippy the Kangaroo

Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t provide my affiliate link to the world’s best online business system.  I sincerely want you on my team:  My Online Business Education.

If it’s Honesty you Want…..

Honesty best policy

If it's Honesty you Want.....

So, you want honesty! Great, I will give it to you. I would like you to give serious thought about what I write in this post, not just a passing glance. Ready? Statistically, the majority of people who start a home business online will quit or fail because of 3 main reasons. This first reason may be a bit difficult for you to swallow however, it's honest and it may upset you, sorry that's not my intention. An average person who starts an online home business (90%+) has a critically poor mindset.

Mediocrity has an iron grip on these people and they seek out the negative or bad in most things they look into or attempt. ​It goes way beyond being cautious too. They have a lifetime of learning and certain habits to overcome. Habits and learning that will prevent them from being successful at any attempt to step outside of the boundaries of what they consider "normal or acceptable by their peers" I am an expert in this area because I was one of these people. I know what it takes to change and it took me years because I did it alone.

​I am not a psychologist but I see evidence of this almost every day and there is no help I can provide that will immediately help. Mixed into this poor attitude are all the scams people hear about on the internet. This fuels the fire of negativity and supports their claim nobody can be trusted. Many people get burned or ripped off by unscrupulous operators, this helps their negative crusade no end! What's more, even those people who enter into the business of 'working online from home' with a good mindset have difficulties. Sooner or later when things don't go their way and they spend more money than they make, they start to complain.

Here's the thing. It's at times like this 2% of the folks in this niche learn from what has transpired, adjust and play another hand. These people are known as the 'Two Percenters.' It's not a cult or secret society, it's just people like you and me who have a winning mindset, a 'never say die' attitude. These are the true entrepreneurs and innovators who are in charge and control of their successes and have a drive for a life of abundance.

Now the question is, "could this be you?" To me the answer is an obvious yes. I have been down this path, I know it's not easy and there one reason that will help you cross the line. "WHY" I will not go into my personal history but in my case I had to make this internet thing work. I eventually ignored all the warning signs that stopped me from attempting opportunities and I embarked on two years of internet education. It wasn't planned this way, it's just how it turned out. I had a huge "WHY." Why did I want to make this work! I had very big reasons why.

So, here comes the truth. If you do not have a big WHY or reason for starting an online business, you will probably fail. If your mindset is not of abundance but finely tuned to a life of mediocrity, you will probably fail. Yes, you can change it, I know it to be so. You just need a "WHY."

My goodness, this email got out of control. It's way to long and I have two more reasons to write about. Here's what I am going to do. I will write about reason #2 in my next email to you. I truly hope you are still with me. Reach out if you have any comments or feedback, thanks.