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Essential Education for Online Marketers.

Essential Education for Online Marketers is a no brainer. Way too many people start marketing without a clue of what to do, here's a great chance to fix that..

WAIT, don't spend a cent on any advertising just yet.  If you are, stop your campaign until you go through this educational training. Why, you ask?  Simple I say, to save you time, money, headaches, frustration and your sanity.  

Your time is money


​To best serve you this post will only benefit you if you're a serious online marketer ultimately seeking to earn a minimum of 5 figures per year.  Yes, that's a minimum!

Does this make sense to you?  A gentleman decides one sunny day to apply to his local newspaper for a job as copy-writer.  HR manager asks to see his qualifications and experience.  Gentleman explains he is a plumber but he asks, "How hard can copy-writing be?"   He explains he is tired of digging trenches and fixing toilets and wants a change with better money.

Gentleman was escorted from the building by security!​  Relevance you ask?  Well, thousands of people a month sit in front of their computer and decide to make some money using the internet.  Why not, after all there are plenty of people doing it.  Actually, there are millions of people making money online but it's all Low Ticket sales, in the order of one or two hundred dollars per month inconsistently.  If this is for you, I refer you back to the Qualification above.

My Point is Obvious!

​There are thousands of people around the globe signing up to High Ticket business every year without any qualifications or experience using the internet for marketing.  At some point the shit hits the fan and they quit and chase after another business that WILL work for them only to repeat the cycle.  You see, the lure of making big money fast and easy is too hard to resist.  This leads me to my topic for this post, Essential Education.

Online Education

Below you will read about 21 steps of training that will position you perfectly within the High Ticket marketing space, particularly as an affiliate marketer if that's what you want.  Each of the steps have been refined over the past few years and are completely current, let's take a look:

Step 1:  Millionaire Marketers, the secrets they know and what the masses don't.

Step 2:  Getting paid up to $49,850 and the missing ingredient of most online businesses.

Step 3:  How the rich think differently from the masses and this includes you.

Step 4:  Choosing your million dollar niche', business model and products.

Step 5:  The second best business model in the world and leveraging scalable systems.

Step 6:  Your ultimate business model for creating your first $100K in commissions online.

Step 7:  The most important process in your entire online business.

Step 8:  How to get paid High Ticket commissions and receive ongoing support.

Step 9:  Turning a business idea into the biggest payday of your life.

Step 10:  Setting ambitious revenue targets and smashing through them.

Step 11:  Becoming the product of the product.  Establishing credibility.

Step 12:  You do not need to sell, you do need to understand why.

Step 13:  How to get a significant amount of cash to finance a new business venture.

Step 14:  Your rewards in Gold, Cash, Platinum, Cars, Diamond Rings, Cruises and Rolex Watches.

Step 15:  High Ticket commissions and passive income streams.  A compensation plan that works.

Step 16:  The ultimate guide, how to earn High Ticket commissions.

Step 17:  It's true, the fortune is in the follow up with resources.

Step 18:  Branding secrets and how to build instant authority and credibility.

Step 19:  How to turn your knowledge into a lucrative new business.

Step 20:  Your own million dollar mentor.  Get 1 on 1 training from the best.

Step 21:  Get off to a fast start with your new consult business (within the first 90 days).

Overwhelming isn't it?  Actually it's not because you do this training online and in your time.  You also get a real live coach to guide you through the steps and answer any questions that arise.  Don't miss the point of this training and that is to ultimately educate you in online marketing and position you to earn the big numbers.  Recall the qualification above, 5 figures per year minimum.

Awesome, a video!  I borrowed this video just for you, it's the founder and CEO explaining what these steps are about.  I think it's so much better when it comes from the horses mouth, don't you?  btw, when I say I borrowed this video I mean I don't think I am supposed to show this to you.  This video is from the start of the 21 steps training which must be paid for which I did but, how else are you going to learn what is going on with these 21 steps!!

Here's my Call to Action.

​This 21 steps of education is very valuable to serious marketers.  It doesn't matter if you have a home office or if you work from your kitchen table, you can directly access this training right now.  Click the button below and you will be redirected (securely) to an order page.  I am a consultant and so I will be your sponsor and your second port of call for support.  When you purchase this training I will be in touch with you to formerly introduce myself and provide you with contact details.  In addition to this, you will be put in touch with your coach and then the fun (training) can begin.  HOW MUCH did you ask?  Well, go to the order page and you wont believe the price.  Seriously, it's a nice surprise.

Questions?  Email to:   and for a chat about this, my Skype ID is:  marketing_help