Welcome to my site, Abundance.  You may be thinking, what's with the 'attitude' remark on my entry page!  I am pleased to briefly explain.

Over the years I have encountered all sorts of people in the 'online' space.  Many of these folks have the worst attitudes towards everything they don't understand and I mainly mean Internet Marketing and all it involves.  It's good to be skeptical but it should be balanced with a good learning attitude along with an eyes wide open approach.

If this is not you, I can safely say this site will not be for you.  Feel free to move on! 

Steve Turton

Tis me...

Having sorted that out, I can tell you this site is brand new.  I have removed years of online material, page and posts and starting over.  Why?  Because I can and also there's no room for outdated material of any nature.  Nothing stays the same forever and when it comes to online material, changes are quick.

Today's date is June 17, 2018 and I will take a bit of time to get this site functioning properly.  As far as content is concerned, I will reveal all soon.  No surprise it will be about marketing, attitude, life, travel and more.  I will be directing this to a mature age range, say, 40's and up.

Click here to see my original Bio, this will be updated too.