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Your Personal Internet Marketing Coach

Notice:  As of August 2015 all applicants for coaching must fill in this form.  It's straight forward and provides me with solid information about the applicant and their story!   Go here for the form.

If you are an internet marketer or an affiliate marketer, you are a statistic!  That doesn't sound very nice but, as it turns out over 90% of online marketers are struggling, failing, have failed or have quit pursuing their lifestyle dreams.  I do understand many of the reasons behind this and I'm sure you may have a good idea too.  ​You're here because I am presenting a solution to a problem and possibly your problem.

​It should be important to you to know how I can help as a coach and what my coaching provides.  Below is a list of what I offer as a coach and what you can expect initially.  Go ahead and review this list and see if there's any value in it for you.

  1. Initial discussions and information gathering about you, your online business type, goals, desired time frame, budget, existing marketing knowledge, concerns and current expenditures supporting your business.  I must have a picture of where you are and where you want to go.
  2. ​Recommendation of marketing tools to assist you and your online business.  eg:  Autoresponders and Squeeze Pages.
  3. Suggestions and recommendations for the use of social media in marketing.
  4. List creation techniques.  eg:  Use of blogging and Social Media - Do's and Dont's.
  5. Sales funnels explained with funnel creation.
  6. Traffic methods and how to drive traffic to an offer.
  7. ​Advertising and marketing budget allocation.  There are no free lunches but, advertising investment is a serious subject.
  8. Provision of a  6 month plan to move forward based on the above discussions and coaching.
  9. Coaching is not limited.  Flexibility is important because everyone is an individual with individual dreams and aspirations.

Primary method of communication between coach and client is Skype.  This provides for good communication and screen sharing functionality.

As you may imagine, dedicated coaching is time consuming and I allocate only a certain number of hours per week to coach clients.  Click here for the Availability and Pricing Schedule for Coaching slots and Costs.

Thank you for your interest in my coaching service.  I look forward to serving you and assisting in creating success in your online business venture.​

Disclaimer:  A coach does not do the work for the client.  A coach listens to the client's needs, provides guidelines to follow and action plans to be undertaken.  Too often a client does not implement the actions recommended by the coach or follow the coach's guidance for various reasons.  The coach has no control over these matters and therefore will not be responsible for the failure of the client to make progress or gain a positive ROI with his/her online business.