Introduction and Welcome to my Blog.

I am a born and bred Aussie of 1956 vintage, a fabulous year by all accounts. I managed to make it through my early years without too many bumps and scratches, then at 15 I started an apprenticeship in the metal trades. My first weekly pay was a staggering $15. Yes, it was a Friday night and I had 15 bucks to blow on the town. Truth is, I went home and collapsed, not used to this working for a living!

Fast forwarding, I successfully completed my trade and soon after I decided to join the Australian Army. That was a great move, I learned so much about many things including leadership. Unfortunately, much else of what I learned could not be transferred to life outside of the Army unless I became a mercenary, very unlikely. The Army was a great 9 years out of my life.

Fast forwarding once again and after a few job changes I ended up back in the trade I qualified in. Now I was living in South Australia, about a 2,700 km drive east from my home state of Western Australia. I really didn't like the job I had. I was near 50 at this stage and crawling around job sites was not so good on the ole' kneecaps, so I quit after a few years. Oh yes, somewhere among this I got married to the worlds most gorgeous woman in the world. Speaking of which, it's our anniversary on the 27th, I best not forget!!

Moving forward a bit, I had gained my private pilots licence which was a great achievement. I was in the right place at the right time one day and I was offered a flight instructors job which I took. This meant back to study! I also got myself qualified as a commercial pilot and life was sweet. I was flying charter and teaching people like you and me how to fly, from theory to practical. I had a great office.

Then recently, life took a twist and I failed an aviation medical examination. I was grounded permanently.​ Not going into detail here, basically I have a suite of medical issues and my ability to earn an income in aviation ceased. Life went from sweet to disastrous and I knew I had to find an alternate income. It took me over 12 months but I became an inexperienced internet marketer. I saw plenty of people making big dollars working from home online and so I decided I would have a piece of that action. Of course it didn't work the way I hoped and I found myself on a near vertical learning curve spending more money than I made.  A point of note here is I didn't quit!

Nowadays my time is divided between running my online business, walking every morning, attending events wherever they may be around the world and being a great husband to my wife and a carer for my elderly father-in-law.  I also provide coaching services to select people in the marketing industry.  I love to help people less knowledgeable than myself and I also enjoy blogging.  I have finally found a winning affiliate business to partner with and life is getting back to being sweet. I thoroughly recommend this form of online marketing to anyone that wants financial security and a brilliant lifestyle.  It doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen!