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MIA but Now I Am Back!

Personal issues have taken my full time attention away from marketing but now at least I can say 70% of me has returned.  I still have a few family issues to sort and they concern a sick father in law who is 94.  Let me say I am not a fan of hospitals but the staff there do a fantastic job.

My apologies for this post, it is very brief.  They will improve and become more consistent.​  In the meantime, I am still a marketer for an online company called MOBE and I am a branding specialist who can help you get your name up in "Online Lights!"  Feel free to reach out if you need further information by dropping me an email to:  admin@steveturton.com   I will get back to you but it may take a day or two.  Thank you for your understanding.

Until my next post, take care and best of business luck to you.​