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MOBE Q&A for Prospective Affiliates.

Weekly I am asked questions about MOBE and 45 Minute Paydays.  Below are the top questions I receive:

Q: What kind of information will I learn about in the training steps?

A: 45 Minute Paydays is all about showing you how to regularly collect 1k, 3k, and 5k commissions online without spending hours and hours at the PC.

Top tier direct sales is something that usually takes years to learn and master.

Most who try it, fail.

But with 45 Minute Paydays you’ll be learning from seasoned pros who do it successfully every single day.

And, we’ve developed a system you can be a part of, where you don’t need to do the most important (but often least desirable) part of the process:

Phone sales.

Upon becoming an affiliate member, you’ll be assigned your own Top Tier coach, who will be calling your leads back once you begin your marketing.  This is after you’ve finished all the training steps.  (21 steps in total)

To help you with your marketing, you’ll be given access to a 30 day traffic plan after completing the 21 steps.

If all of that sounds like a lot - it is.
But, you’ll enjoy the process, and as long as you follow the system, this will work for you, as it has for many others.

Q: Why is there a $49 application fee to join?

A: This is one of the most common questions I get.

People say, “hey, if this is so good, why don’t you just let everyone in for free?”

The reason is, every person that goes through the training is going to get assigned their own personal Top Tier coach.

Their coach will be investing a significant amount of time with them over the 21 steps - literally hours all up – to make sure they understand everything, and are ready to start making high ticket sales.

We only want to work with people who are serious, business minded, and have some skin in the game.

The $49 serves to detract the wrong people from applying.

It’s funny, because I came across a forum recently where people were accusing me of charging 49 bucks as just another way to make more money…

What they don’t know, is that I pay out 90% commissions on that 49 bucks to my partners, as well as an extra 5% on the 2nd tier.

When all is said and done, the company is left with about $2.50 for every application fee we receive for 45 Minute Paydays – which doesn’t even cover the merchant fees!

Bottom line, the application fee really is part of our screening process.

Q: Will MOBE really pay $500 to anyone who doesn’t get results, or is that just a gimmick to get people in?

A: Yes, this will always be honored, that's a promise - provided the terms are met.

What are the terms?

Simple. You must go through the 21 steps in under 21 days. You must complete all the homework assignments at the end of each step.

And then, you must market the system following the 30 Day Traffic plan (which you get complimentary access to).

If you can show me you’ve done all that and have not made a grand, then the 500 is yours.

The guarantee is not there for people to try and take advantage of it (which sometimes they do).

I had this guy last week try that, he joined, completed the first 2 steps, then contacted me saying he wanted his 500.

“Nice try” I told him... so I just gave him the $49 application fee back, because he definitely was not someone I wanted to work with.

For people who legitimately meet the terms though, the guarantee will be honored.

Q: Will I need to buy anything once I’ve gone through the 21 steps?

A: No.

However, there will there be resources and tools your coach will strongly recommend you get along the way to help maximise your results.

The fact is, this is a real business...

Imagine investing in a Subway franchise, and then complaining that you need to invest in ingredients to make the subs.

Most people can see how ridiculous and un-business like that kind of attitude is – but unfortunately we still get a few people like that, who go through the system.

Again, this is why there’s a $49 application fee – we try to weed out as many freebie seekers as possible.

I want to be completely upfront with you - this is a real business, with real overheads.

Our goal will be to get you in profit as soon as possible, with minimal expense.

Q: Will I really have a coach who will work with me?

A: YES. And that coach will be working with you 1-on-1. Not someone coaching you and a few hundred others on a webinar.

Our Top Tier coaches will invest real time with you, making sure you fully understand the lessons taught in each of the 21 steps, and helping prepare you for when you’re ready to begin marketing.

Most importantly… they’re going to be the ones who do all your phone sales for you.

Meaning, you’ll never have to pick up the phone and call your own leads (though if you’d like to do this yourself eventually, you’ll have the option, with increased commissions).

Q: Once I apply and get my first phone call from my top tier coach, will they be trying to sell me stuff?

A: That first call is genuinely for our team coach to give you a brief interview.

Nothing is sold.

Instead, your top tier coach will have a series of questions they’ll ask you, and based on your answers, they’ll either accept or reject your application.

To be honest, the questions are pretty easy.

The main thing we’re doing is looking to disqualify anyone who is obviously not right for the program.

For example - if someone indicates that they expect to make tens of thousands a week from this with absolutely no work, we’ll disqualify them quickly, and refund their $49.

Q: Does this really work?

A: In a word - YES.

Provided of course, you work the system.  This is the vehicle and you need to be the driver!

If you look at our average earnings per member, and compare it to any other system out there on the market, you’ll see we stack up very, very well.

Here’s a few people who’ve got results with us:

Q: How big are the commissions, and how will I get paid?

A: The main ones are $1,250 - $3,300 - $5,500 and - $10,000  We also have a lot of smaller ones you can make along the way, but 90% of what you make, will come from those 4 main commission groups.

And we do payouts every 2 weeks.

The reason why there’s a slight delay is because we have to allow for the refund period on some of our products, which have refund policies.

To do the payouts, we use something called ‘Ewallet.’

It’s a little like Paypal. Basically, you sign up, and then connect it to your bank account.

We then pay you, you get an email notification, and then you transfer funds to your own account.

It’s really easy to use and very convenient - and we’ll go through all of that in one of the Steps inside of 45 Minute Paydays.

That covers the more common questions I get.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me via email at: and put "MOBE Question" in the subject line.  You are also invited to join me in my MOBE Assist Face Book group here: MOBE Assist